Deer/Game Processing

We do deer the way Opa and Oma always did.

Back in the day when the German settlers were taming the wild land that we call Texas, the plentiful deer and wild hogs of the Hill Country provided them with all the meat they needed to feed their families. Without refrigeration, they relied on methods that European butchers had used for centuries to preserve meat – using spices, smoke, and air-drying, they created flavorful sausages, smoked meats, and dried jerky that would extend the life of their harvest for many months.

That same tradition lives on today at Klein Smokehaus, where we turn your deer into backstrap medallions, bacon wrapped chopped steaks, hamburger ground venison or chili meat, and an array of smoked sausages, summer sausages, links, snack sticks and jerky that you’ll be enjoying long after deer season is just a memory. CLICK HERE to print out your order form ahead of time so you can see all your options and have your order ready when you get here.

Our crew at Klein Smokehaus honors the rich heritage of Hill Country hunting as well as the fine art of traditional Hill Country deer processing. Don’t trust your harvest to any old guy with a garage and a grinder; bring it to the best – Klein Smokehaus!

  • Here is our Deer 2021 – 2022 Price Sheet (which can also be used for hogs or other game). Here you’ll find the many options available for turning your deer into delicious products.
  • Most orders are filled in about two weeks, depending upon volume.

If you have any questions about how the process works, filling out the order sheet, or advice on getting the best products from your harvest, please call us at 830-249-8063 or use the Email Contact Form.