Meat Market/Deli

Salami-Stacker-(2)You’ve honed your grilling skills for years, feeding friends and family delicious treats from that manly pit of fire in your back yard. You are the Master of Meat, the Baron of Barbecue, the Sultan of Sizzle! So when you have a crowd coming over for the big game or an impromptu family reunion, sure, you could grab a box of burgers from the grocery store freezer, but where’s the thrill in that?

What you put on your grill is every bit as important as the skill and love you bring to cooking it. The counter at Klein Smokehaus is generously stocked with beautiful, fresh-cut steaks, succulent sausages, and thick, juicy bacon-wrapped chopped steaks that will make you look like a grilling genius!

Our own oak-smoked meats – dried sausage, thick-sliced, aromatic bacon, or our signature beef or pork smoked and peppered tenderloins – bring the native flavors of the Hill Country right inside your kitchen.

All of the quality sausages and smoked meats from our sister store in Austin, Hudson Meats, are also available in Boerne, and we have shelves stocked with rubs and relishes and salsas and pickled produce and even honey to round out your gourmet experience.

Having a party?  Check out our Smoked Meat Party Trays for your next gathering.

party trays

Stop by Klein Smokehaus and load up your larder – you’ll be glad you did!